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La firma di un contratto

Professional translations

Professional translation falls into the category of technical translations and constitutes a paper that requires adequate knowledge of theoretical matrix and is, therefore, performed by our best professionals in the reference sector. This type of translation also requires great terminological precision which often leads to transcoding. 

Sworn translations

The Sworn Translation is a translation having legal validity, carried out by the official translator and sworn in an Italian court. The sworn translation (i.e. the sworn translation of a text) is so called because following the translation of the text, the authorized translator goes to Court to make and record the official oath where it is certified that what is reported is the faithful translation of the attached original text.

Certified Translations

When a document with legal value is translated, it must be provided with a certificate known as certification, issued by the translator concerning the truthfulness of the translated text.

During the certification process, we attach a certification from the translator to the translation stating the translation compliance with original text as well as the completeness and truthfulness of the translated text.

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Scuola di lingue

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Benvenuto nella sezione dedicata all'insegnamento delle lingue! Se vuoi davvero potenziare le tue conoscenze e padroneggiare le lingue in modo efficace, come strumento operativo, sei nel posto giusto. 

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